Creating a healthy organizational environment that moves beyond diversity to one that is inclusive and equitable is a process, requiring ongoing training and evaluation. Moving Beyond Diversity is a consulting firm designed to help organizations and institutions do exactly that. We work with organizations and institutions to increase their effectiveness, improve retention and their reputation in the community by focusing on equity and inclusion. Offering workshops, lectures, program evaluation, strategic planning leadership, and professional development, Moving Beyond Diversity’s unique services can help your institution or organization promote and sustain necessary change to thrive in the current era.

Founded by sociologist Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Moving Beyond Diversity not only facilitates your organization’s move beyond diversity and toward equity and inclusion, but also moves beyond the traditional (and essential) focus on race by taking a more intersectional approach, specifically including a focus on sexuality and gender. Her professional experience, which includes a deep understanding of diversity issues, the most current research on the topic, and the ability to successfully communicate this information, make her especially suited to addressing the needs of organizations and institutions.

While considerable research shows that diverse groups are more effective at problem-solving and diverse organizations perform better, this is only true if your staff feel welcomed and heard; that is, the benefits of diversity can only be felt if you have an inclusive environment that is equitable. Moving Beyond Diversity can help you improve your organization’s effectiveness through helping facilitate necessary changes in your organization.

About Kathleen

Sociologist, author, speaker, and consultant Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Moving Beyond Diversity consulting firm. She spent 24 years in academia, as a tenured professor at Columbia College and in visiting roles at Loyola University New Orleans, Xavier University of Louisiana, and Tulane University, teaching courses on the sociology of race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, among others, always with an emphasis on social justice. She has authored four books, including Recognizing Race and Ethnicity: Power, Privilege, and Inequality, 2nd Edition (2017 Westview Press) and Sociology of Sexualities (2017, Sage Publications, with Kandice L. Grossman), and numerous articles. Her research, teaching, and writing have made her a leading expert on issues of diversity and inclusion, particularly in educational settings. Her background has provided her with the skills to effectively communicate controversial topics and issues to a wide variety of audiences. Her doctoral degree is from the University of Missouri.

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